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Capital reduction in the form of par value repayment

At the Annual General Meeting of Kardex AG, Zürich (the "Company"), held on April 21, 2009, shareholders approved, among other things, the proposal of the Board of Directors to reduce the capital by means of a par value repayment amounting to CHF 2.50 per registered share.

The share capital registered in the Commercial register, divided into 5,627,453 registered shares at a par value of CHF 13.50 each, will be reduced by CHF 14,068,632.50 from CHF 75,970,615.50 to CHF 61,901,983.00 by decreasing the par value of each registered share by CHF 2.50 from CHF 13.50 to CHF 11.00. The amount of the reduction will be paid out to shareholders.

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Download full information as PDF file (German)


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