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Consolidated cash flow statement as per 30.6.2020

in EUR million



Result for the period17.120.2
Depreciation and amortization3.23.0
Change in provisions and pension liabilities4.30.7
Other non–cash items2.00.1
Change in inventories and work in progress-2.4-3.5
Change in accounts receivable16.18.1
Change in other receivables-3.9-8.7
Change in prepaid expenses-0.10.2
Change in accounts payable-3.82.4
Change in accruals-5.30.9
Change in other current liabilities-0.90.5
Net cash flow from operating activities26.323.9
Purchase of property, plant and equipment-12.5-5.4
Purchase of intangible assets-1.8-0.8
Change in loans-0.1-
Acquisition of organizations-1.9-
Net cash flow from investing activities-16.3-6.2
Free cash flow10.017.7
Acquisition of treasury shares-1.0-
Divident paid-32.8-27.6
Net cash flow from financing activities-33.8-27.6
Effect of currency translation differences on cash and cash equivalents-0.60.6
Net change in cash and cash equivalents-24.4-9.3
Cash and cash equivalents at 1 January133.6129.2
Cash and cash equivalents at 30 June109.2119.9
Net change in cash and cash equivalents-24.4-9.3





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