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Access Ready – new safety feature for Shuttle XP units with shutter doors

Access Ready – new safety feature for Shuttle XP units with shutter doors

In addition to its process efficiency, the Shuttle XP from Kardex Remstar is renowned for its high retrieval performance and ergonomic design in the workplace. These core functions are being further enhanced with the new "Access Ready" upgrade: The new technology features a visual display that tells the operator as soon as the Shuttle XP is ready for use.

While a green light indicates that the tray is standing in the access opening for the storage and retrieval of goods, the red lights means a halt in loading and unloading activities.

The system safely prevents the operator from storing or retrieving goods while the tray is still in motion. This reduces the number of operating errors caused by the interruption of the active safety light barriers, which in turn minimizes waiting times resulting from the unnecessary stops and restarts. The result is improved usage frequency for the Shuttle XP, which also increases the productivity of the system. The upgrade can be integrated into Shuttle XP models with shutter doors in a time-efficient manner, with installation taking just four to six hours.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Improved storage and retrieval
  • Controlled access to the trays
  • Higher safety for employees and goods
  • Better order picking performance


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