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Dynamic Storage Keep FDA Regulated Labels Out Of Harm’s Way

Labels Storage

Kardex Remstar dynamic storage solutions makes the process of storing and retrieving FDA regulated packaging labels easier with security, inventory control, damage prevention and temperature control. FastPic5 inventory management software improves inventory control by user while the Shuttle Vertical Lift Module and Megamat RS Vertical Carousel can ensure secure storage.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) aims to protect and promote consumer health with regulations helping manufacturers and distributors improve production processes. The complexity of storing and retrieving packaging labels for drugs, vaccines or medical devices can vary greatly depending on the industry, FDA regulatory requirements and individual business models. Kardex Remstar dynamic storage solutions can makes these processes easier with security, inventory control, damage prevention and temperature control.

The FDA regulates and ensures the safety of food as well as drugs, biological products and more.  Packaging labels for these goods must be kept in a clean and secure environment to eliminate tampering from natural elements causing a label to be illegible, or damaged to the label due to mishandling, deeming the label unusable. If a label is misplaced or picked out of sequential order, it must be reported to the FDA. Storing labels on traditional shelving in an uncontrollable environment can be costly.

Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) and Megamat RS vertical carousels can ensure secure label storage. Labels are stored in an enclosed unit, requiring the operator to login before retrieving a label.  Units can be closed and physically locked, providing maximum security when necessary.

FastPic5 inventory management software improves inventory control by user, providing a complete transaction history. Pick lights automatically direct the operator to the correct label to pick, ensuring each label picked is in sequential order and numbers are not skipped. Full track and traceability is also available. If the FDA recalls a packaging label, the inventory management software can track when the label was picked and trace where the label was used.

Kardex Remstar units can be temperature controlled, heating and cooling the unit to control humidity, ensuring all labels are fully functional. This prevents reporting damaged labels to the FDA, eliminating wasted time and paperwork. Temperature control features are unique to each machine as set by the user.

With the FDA regulating labeling materials for drugs and biological products, it is essential to keep them in order and secure. Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems can keep these labels secure and safe from damage while improving accuracy and increasing productivity. Automating the storage and retrieval of this once complex process is now as easy as the push of a button.

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