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Efficient eCommerce Fulfillment & Delivery for Med24

Nine Megamat RS Vertical Carousels saved 83% floor space and increased order fulfillment productivity for a Danish eCommerce retailer.

Founded in Løkken (Denmark) in 2005, Med24 is an e-commerce company specializing in wellbeing products approved by the Danish Medicines Agency. The company employs 50 people, including pharmacy assistants, dieticians and beauticians that give professional advice to their customers; and 25 people who work in the 1,200 square meter warehouse, handling orders and incoming goods.

With combined growth rates of more than 400% over the last three years and a product range that has grown to include more than 10,000 health, beauty and fitness SKUs; the warehouse needed a modern update. The rapid growth increased the order volume and space requirements leaving the existing storage system struggling to keep up.

A Modern Warehouse
Now, an average of 1,500 orders consisting of 4,500 SKUs are now picked, packed and shipped from the Med24 Løkken facility with ease. In order to increase warehouse capacity, Med24 installed 6 Megamat RS 350 units from Kardex Remstar.

It worked so well, only 3 months later they installed 3 more. "This kind of scalability is essential to us. Knowing that we can add machines to a smooth process gives us great flexibility as we continue to grow," says Nils K. Træholt, owner and director at Med24. With a total of 9 Megamat RS vertical carousels, Med24 was able to reduce the storage area from 1,200 square meters to 200 square meters, an 83% space savings!

The Megamat RS carousels are integrated with Power Pick Global inventory management software and color picking trolleys. This has allowed Med24 to increase their efficiency by picking up to 50 orders simultaneously, reducing picking time by 60%.

Med24 has also realized shortened training time required for new employees. Employee induction used to take up to three months, now with the Megamat RS 350 employees are able to achieve optimal order picking performance after just three hours.

"The Megamat RS 350 has proven to be the perfect solution for us. Excellent space utilization and high efficiency has made our business much more competitive", Nils K. Træholt concludes.

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