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The north warehouse was also built from scratch with three aisles. Warehouse 1 lies behind the blue wall.

Neuenstadt/Friedberg - Fresenius Kabi, Europe’s leading supplier of infusion therapy and clinical nutrition products, has extended its plant, based in the Hessian town of Friedberg, into an international logistics hub for the company’s entire product portfolio. With the extension project, Fresenius Kabi has further increased the efficiency of its logistics processes and, even with increasing demand, is seamlessly ensuring smooth logistics operations and optimised material flow for its international product distribution.

All conversions of existing properties and constructions of new buildings were designed by the company Kardex Mlog from Neuenstadt, Germany. Kardex Mlog, experts in both disciplines, was commissioned with the task of implementing the concept which essentially consisted of four steps: The existing ten-aisle high-bay warehouse 1 was extended to include an additional storage and retrieval line on the west side. The north and west high-bay warehouses were built from scratch with three and six aisles respectively. Finally, all plants were interconnected via conveyor systems and integrated into the higher level material flow control system. Storage capacity has more than doubled and now offers a total of approx. 40,000 to 75,000 pallet storage locations.

Tried and trusted cooperation

The existing plant was expanded while systems were in operation. The on-site experts were well acquainted with the local conditions as Kardex Mlog had acted as General Contractor during construction of warehouse 1 back in 1996. In the interim, the company from Neuenstadt had also been responsible for extending the conveyor system in the pre-storage area. "Technology and components have proved their worth" states Bernd Heller, Fresenius Kabi Logistics Centre Extension Project Manager and Logistics Technology Manager, "which is why we decided to entrust the extension work to Kardex Mlog again."

Focusing on technology

In the current project, Kardex Mlog also attaches importance to devices and components from its own production in Neuenstadt. In the new silo-warehouse building, Kardex Mlog installed six MSingle-B storage and retrieval systems with an overall height of just 30 metres. Three identical devices are employed in the north warehouse. All devices are equipped with load handling devices for double-deep storage. Storage and retrieval system operating times are 28 (north high-bay warehouse) or 33 (west high-bay warehouse). The storage and retrieval systems are fitted with frequency controlled drives, S7 PLCs and SEW MoviPLC Motion Control. Data transmission is carried out via WLAN. A higher efficiency factor was achieved through the control technology, a simple energy management system for capturing and documenting the actual energy consumption and an intelligent DC link. Power requirement is low even under high performance conditions and running speeds of up to 180 m/min.


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