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From pallet to shipping of single items

From the pallet to shipping of single items with Kardex

Kardex Remstar showed the material flow of single item order picking at LogiMAT 2015.

“Mastering complexity – intelligent design for the future.” In keeping with the motto of this year’s LogiMAT in Stuttgart (February 10–12), on stand 1H51 in hall 1 Kardex Remstar is presenting four applications which cover the intralogistics process from goods intake to the storage, picking, consolidation, and shipping of small orders. The four stations are intelligently linked with the transport system supplied by technology partner Servus Intralogistics.

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Kardex Remstar is meeting the market trend towards growing product diversity, small orders, and shorter delivery times with standardized applications which significantly speed up turnaround times for orders in the areas of retail and production. At LogiMAT, the industry trade fair, the intralogistics supplier will use four stations to demonstrate how single items can be effectively managed.


Intelligent linking

At the first station “Goods intake” pallets loaded with packaging units containing one kind of product are received with the help of Kardex Remstar’s own Power Pick Global warehouse management software. MMove then transports the goods simply and safely to where they will be stored. The universal vehicle for transporting pallets and stillages is the latest product from Kardex Mlog, another division of the Kardex Group along with Kardex Remstar. At station two “Repackaging” the packaging units are stored in the Shuttle XP 500 storage lift from Kardex Remstar and repackaged in order boxes or placed individually on two trays waiting simultaneously in the (double) access opening. The autonomous ARC3 transport robots from Servus Intralogistics transfer the goods to further stations. They pick up the order boxes and transport them to the next station with pinpoint accuracy via a ceiling-mounted transport system.



Faster retrieval of single items

High picking rates are demonstrated at station three “Picking single items.” This is where Kardex Remstar will be presenting the latest member of its light goods product family, which stores small quantities of small components in boxes or on trays and retrieves them at high speed for picking individual orders. Up to 500 picks per picking station and hour are possible with the new solution, while also taking up minimal storage space. Depending on the design, up to 3,000 mini load carriers or other commercially available boxes can be stored in each unit. So much is possible thanks to the unlimited number of units that can be arranged in a line, reducing stock levels and cutting costs.


With the faster intralogistics processes, customers involved in wholesale or handling spare parts, for instance, can significantly speed up their intralogistics processes and secure a competitive advantage. Besides improved turnaround times, the new solution from Kardex Remstar is especially impressive in terms of ergonomics and energy consumption figures. For instance, the system uses around 50 percent less energy compared to a mini load system. At station four “Buffering and consolidation” a Megamat RS 350 vertical carousel serves as a buffer storage system. The orders are stored here until they are finally consolidated and conveyed to the shipping area.


Industry-specific solutions

All the applications presented at LogiMAT 2015 are assigned to specific industries by way of example. The focus is on the electronics industry, major distribution centers, and the servicing and maintenance sector with the associated challenges of handling spare parts. The work management app featured in Kardex Remstar’s own Power Pick Global warehouse management software controls all processes and also manages the accurate supply of replenishments at each station. Kardex Remstar’s aim is to offer customers in the areas of retail and production simple intralogistics solutions for ever more complex tasks.



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