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Greater capacity for fresh meat – Mlog expands Tönnies cold store

Mlog is expanding the cold store of Tönnies Fleisch

Mlog is expanding the cold store at the headquarters of Tönnies Fleisch in the Westphalian town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück.

Mlog is now extending it by 2,800 pallet slots.

A bird’s-eye view shows the extent of Europe’s most modern meat plant. As General Contractor, Mlog is now extending it by 2,800 pallet slots.

Neuenstadt/Rheda-Wiedenbrück – Acting as General Contractor, Mlog is currently extending the cold store at the Tönnies Fleisch plant in Rheda-Wiedenbrück by 2,800 pallet slots. In addition to the storage and retrieval machines and conveying equipment, the scope of supply also includes the integration of the Mlog Control Centre (MCC) to control material flow and inventory management.

Tönnies Fleisch supplies meat products around-the-clock to the trade and for further processing. The “High speed logistics” concept at Europe’s most modern meat plant is based on a dual system for frozen and fresh products, having logistics terminals equipped with the most advanced cooling technology. During the expansion of the cold store, Mlog is installing two MSINGLE “Type B” storage and retrieval machines to provide double-deep storage. The storage racks, also installed by Mlog, provide space for 2,800 pallets. These are linked by the new conveyor system which features 110 drives.

To coordinate the material flow processes and inventory management, the Neuenstadt specialists are implementing an in-house development in the form of the MCC. The system is comprised of several modules that can be configured individually according to their intended use. In the Tönnies cold store the MFLOW material flow control system is used to provide the link to the existing conveyor system. The MWMS warehouse management module manages the two-aisle, double-deep high-bay warehouse. The web-based visualisation system, MVISU, ensures that the user always retains an overview of the conveyor system and can resolve problems swiftly and efficiently.    

Mlog has decades of experience in the food industry. As a specialist, Mlog is therefore increasingly being commissioned for the expansion and refurbishment of third-party equipment, as in the case of Tönnies. ‘Chilled food in particular places high demands on planning and implementation’.  So says Harald Bauer, Head of Mlog’s Refurbishment Business Sector.

About the Tönnies Fleisch group
B. & C. Tönnies Fleischwerk GmbH & Co. KG produces quality meat and have around 5,000 employees. Their core competencies are the slaughter, butchery and marketing of pigs and cattle. The German production plants are licensed for the whole of Europe, whilst the Rheda-Wiedenbrück site is also licensed for the markets in Asia, USA, Australia and South Africa.

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