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How Merck stores temperature-sensitive material under controlled conditions

How Merck stores temperature-sensitive material under controlled conditions

Merck KGaA is one of the world’s leading pharma and chemical companies. Its biggest research and development center is located in Darmstadt. The company needed an efficient concept for its new research building to allow it to store the pharmaceutical substances used in the course of its research in a climate-controlled environment. The solution from Kardex Remstar ensures that sensitive substances can always be safely stored and retrieved.

The main elements of the special solution developed by Kardex Remstar are three Vertical Lift Modules from the Shuttle XP series, which have been adapted with a climate-control function for use in chilled conditions. The challenge was to integrate three storage zones, each with a differently controlled climate for the sensitive substances, including a chilled zone and a deep-frozen zone.  Due to the very high safety standards at Merck, measures had to be taken to guarantee that the controlled storage conditions could be permanently maintained. Kardex Remstar made sure of this by integrating a redundant system featuring its own refrigeration units and sensor technology, which takes over in the event of a fault.

A range of additional measures provide maximum protection. The air within the unit is dehumidified by a drying system to prevent the presence of humidity and frost. The Shuttle XP units are housed in insulated cells so that the laboratory staff can access the chilled products at room temperature from their workstations without affecting the climate-controlled environment. Additional laser pointers and position indicators ensure that items are picked with maximum precision. The space-saving concept is also extremely ergonomic.

The advantages at a glance

  • Secure storage in both chilled and deep-frozen conditions
  • Maintenance of controlled storage conditions assured by a redundant system
  • Simple and precise access to items from areas at room temperature
  • The smaller footprint occupies 66% less space
  • Ergonomic operation


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