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Kardex Drive Works Together With SAP

Kardex Remstar introduces new software tool, Kardex Drive, which fully integrates with SAP to manage automated storage and retrieval systems.

Kardex Remstar introduces a fully SAP integrated software package, Kardex Drive. Kardex Drive allows SAP to manage automated storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar. The module integrates seamlessly with SAP bin locations, Kardex Drive moves any storage units automatically whenever required by the relevant transactions.

Kardex Drive doesn't introduce any new software screens, everything is run from existing SAP systems transparently by the user. Just as SAP can independently manage the warehouse or the shipping area, it can now also manage an automated storage and retrieval system as just another location. When a facility is already using SAP as a WMS, expanding with Kardex Drive requires little to no additional software training for the end user.

Companies are increasingly seeing the advantage of consolidating organizational functionality under as few applications as possible. Kardex Drive empowers customers running SAP to introduce and integrate automated storage without deploying additional client software. With fewer points of failure and a smaller IT footprint, Drive is a key solution in Kardex Remstar's software portfolio.

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