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Kardex Remstar adds dynamism to the storage of high-tech parts for FLAMA

Kardex Remstar adds dynamism to the storage of high-tech parts for FLAMA

Kardex Remstar is the ideal partner for anyone wishing to efficiently store and retrieve electrical components used in the SMT manufacturing process. One company that is well aware of this is FLAMA, one of China’s leading manufacturers of inverter welders. It sought a reliable and high-performance solution for storing components used in its high-tech production operation.

Megamat RS vertical carousels are specially equipped for handling SMT components and provide the optimal solution, which is one of the reasons why FLAMA opted for the intralogistics experts at Kardex Remstar when reorganizing its warehouse.

The high demands made on the new system by FLAMA in terms of efficiency provided another reason. To meet these demands and successfully respond to growing material quantities and product requirements as well as the limited space available, the company decided to integrate the following products:

  • 12 Kardex Remstar Megamat RS vertical carousels
  • 2 Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP vertical lift modules

The Megamat RS systems are used for storing the electrical components needed for the SMT manufacturing process. The assembly area extends across two floors and is directly supplied with parts from each of the two 13-meter-high Shuttle XP units. They have access openings on both floors, allowing the necessary parts to be delivered to the workstation more quickly. This makes it possible to pick goods without having to use the previously required elevator. FLAMA has been able to speed up picking times and cut labor costs by 20 percent as a result of these measures.

In addition, the highly dense storage systems have a much greater capacity, reducing the amount of space required by 30 percent. At the same time, Kardex Remstar’s Power Pick Global warehouse management software guarantees picking accuracy of 99 percent and efficient management of all storage processes, while the customer has a constant and precise overview of the inventory. Kardex Remstar’s storage systems are individually designed for the customer, thereby ensuring that the high standards of quality at FLAMA are fully maintained at all times.

The advantages of the Kardex Remstar solution at a glance

  • 30 percent less space required
  • 20 percent reduction in labor costs
  • 20 percent faster picking times
  • Optimized warehouse management thanks to Power Pick Global


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