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Neuburg/Kammel, 20.11.2013. The Danish online store NiceHair is on the path to success. To meet the rapidly growing demand for hair care products, cosmetics, and accessories, the e-commerce supplier has invested in new storage and retrieval technology from Kardex Remstar. As a result, NiceHair is looking to reduce its storage space by around 60 percent, increase its order picking efficiency by 100 percent, and provide its employees with an ergonomically designed workspace.

Kardex Remstar is supplying an automated storage and retrieval system for the new NiceHair warehouse in the Danish town of Esbjerg, which is set to go into operation at the end of 2013. In future, NiceHair employees will be able to retrieve order lines ergonomically and efficiently from six Megamat RS vertical storage paternosters in line with the “goods-to-person” principle. An LED display on the unit helps staff to increase picking accuracy with information such as location and quantity of the order lines. The dynamic storage units and the adjoining pallet shelf are both controlled by Kardex Power Pick Global software. The idea is to increase picking efficiency by 100 percent by employing various order picking strategies.

The online company NiceHair has set itself the aim of meeting the needs of every woman in terms of hair care, cosmetics, accessories, and clothing. Orders can currently be placed in Denmark and Sweden, but there are plans to expand the operation to include other European countries. Thanks to the scalability of the system, the order picking solution from Kardex Remstar supports the future growth of the e-commerce company.

About Kardex Remstar
Kardex Remstar develops, manufactures, and maintains dynamic storage and retrieval systems. The company is a leading provider of storage lifts, vertical carousels, order picking software, and life cycle services. Customers from all industries use solutions from Kardex Remstar to organize their intralogistic processes in a simpler and more transparent manner as well as to save space and cut process costs. Kardex Remstar customers come from a broad range of industries, such as automotive, electronics, chemical/pharmaceutical, warehousing/distribution, mechanical engineering, or health care.

Kardex Remstar has two production sites in Germany (Bellheim and Neuburg). To date, the company has successfully installed around 140,000 dynamic storage systems across the globe. With an extensive sales and dealership network, Kardex Remstar is active in over 30 countries and employs around 1,200 people worldwide.


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