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Kardex Remstar Keeps Mass Transit Companies Moving

Automated storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar can organize parts onsite for maintenance and repair operations (MRO) to protect parts from damage and increase inventory control, all within a smaller footprint.

Mass Transit Authority (MTA) facilities are responsible for providing public transportation on a regular, non-reserved basis in major cities. Public transportation modes include buses, bus rapid transit, demand response, ferryboat, heavy rail and light rail. Just as cars need maintenance, so do all transit system vehicles - making maintenance operations a large part of any Mass Transit facility. Automated storage and retrieval systems can organize parts onsite for maintenance and repair operations (MRO) to protect parts from damage and increase inventory control, all within a smaller footprint.

Typically, MRO parts are stored in typical shelving taking up a large of amount of space and providing no inventory control. Leaving parts out in the open increases the risk of damage from dirt and debris in these warehouse facilities. This often leads to inventory shortages and additional money spent on replacing damaged parts. Consolidating inventory into a Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module (VLM) or Megamat RS vertical carousel keeps all parts organized and contained within a closed unit. Protecting the parts from changing warehouse conditions improves the lifetime usability of the part.

Parts are often inventoried in larger quantities than necessary because they are not accurately tracked and accounted for, so the facility chooses to overstock in attempt to prevent a shortage. While this can prevent part shortages, it is costly. Return/Re-work parts are often lost or misplaced resulting in more wasted money purchasing new ones.

To prevent inflated inventories and reduce the risk of stolen, lost or misplaced parts, automated storage and retrieval systems can be integrated with inventory management software. Inventory management software, such as Power Pick Global, provides real time accurate inventory counts with exact storage location information. The software can also require each user to login before storing or retrieving any parts. This allows staff to know where and when a part was taken from the unit and by which user, increasing overall inventory control and traceability.

Traditional shelving can cover a great deal of floor space. This floor space is essentially wasted on storage when the facilities vertical space can be used instead. Implementing a Shuttle XP VLM can save up to 85% floor space. The recovered floor space can be used to store more inventory or add another service bay - both in an effort to get vehicles in, serviced and back into service.

Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval equipment allow for more vehicles to be serviced at the same time. Keeping all parts stored within a Shuttle XP VLM or Megamat RS vertical carousel will keep all MRO parts available with the touch of a button. Delivering the parts directly to the operator eliminates search time and allows technicians to focus on getting transit vehicles serviced and back on track. Increasing part protection, increasing inventory control and reducing the overall footprint will improve efficiencies in MTA facilities and keep more vehicles in service!

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