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Kardex Remstar Solutions help facilities meet sustainable design objectives

 Integrating high density, easily accessible automated storage and retrieval solutions from KardexRemstar can help facilities meet sustainable design objectives. Shuttle® Vertical Lift Modules, Megamat® Vertical Carousels, Horizontal Carousels and Lektriever® Electrical Lateral Files can store a wide range of items typically used in military logistics applications and other government storage, supply and distribution operations. These systems help facilities meet the objectives of Executive Order 13423 that directs government agencies to utilize sustainable building design in remodeling and new construction.

Included in the executive order, all government agencies are required to reduce energy consumption (per square foot of building space) by 30% by the year 2015. By increasing storage density and utilizing wasted overhead space, KardexRemstar solutions can reduce a buildings carbon footprint up to 15%, conserving natural resources and reducing energy and maintenance costs. In existing buildings up to 85% of floor space currently dedicated to file cabinets, drawers and shelving or rack systems can be recovered and used more efficiently in other operations. Reducing the footprint of storage, supply and distribution areas, facilities reduce the heating and lighting energy costs of those areas.

Maintenance costs for the area may also be reduced. Further, KardexRemstar systems are designed to deliver items at an ergonomic height to eliminate bending, stretching and reaching. This design not only improves productivity by up to 2/3, but also reduces employee stress and injury, improving the quality of work life. KardexRemstar International Inc., a company of the Kardex AG KardexRemstar International (KRI) Group of Zurich, Switzerland, is a leading provider of automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing applications. For information about KardexRemstar solutions and sustainable design, call 800-639-5805 or visit the KardexRemstar web site at . 


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