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Leaner efficiency

The Shuttle XP is an automated high bay warehousing system with a modular design operating on the “goods to person” principle. This technology has aided to reduce both the physical demands of warehouse activities, as well as allow for lean production, which is simply getting more from less.

It brings faster order picking. The shuttles sort products in optimised sequences to minimise machine runtimes. Subsequently, dramatically decreasing picking times benefit both the customer and company. Multiple orders can be fulfilled at the same time, resulting in batch picking increasing of as much as 200%. 

The Shuttle XP also enables a high capacity in a small footprint to be implemented. Compared with conventional methods, the system only requires a footprint that is up to 80% smaller. According to Hydravalve, the valve and actuation specialists, Kardex shuttle XPs have enabled them to increase storage capacity by 45% through utilising their vertical space from floor to ceiling, and 25% floor space has been recovered.


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