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Logistics solutions from Kardex Remstar

Logistics solutions from Kardex Remstar

Kardex Remstar has been listed as the Business & Industry sought-after Automated Storage Solution Provider of the Month. Kardex Remstar based in Hertfordshire in the UK (with facilities dotted across the world), is a globally renowned supplier of automated storage and retrieval solutions.

The impressively longstanding company has been operational since its start-up in the US in the 19th Century and has grown progressively ever since to establish a presence in a staggering 30 countries.

This pioneering industry leader specialises in the provision of dynamic systems suitable for employment in a variety of applications within the intralogistics arena. These highly engineered and often bespoke solutions have been designed with purpose to effectively optimise individual working practices; drastically reducing storage space, increasing productivity and guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy.

"We essentially act as a one-stop-shop, providing customers with a range of ASRS hardware options, rather than just one or two solutions," the Sales Director (UK & Ireland) told us. "We also produce our own software, all of which is developed in-house. In the UK, we operate only through Kardex direct personnel and our engineers are factory-trained, unlike other vendors in the market who use agents, distributors and 3rd parties. Customers like dealing direct with a manufacturer, especially with our brand promise of being straightforward, innovative and fair. This leads to long-term mutually beneficial relationships, many of which go back 30 years or more.”

This consultative company is proud to offer clients a comprehensive sales package which encompasses the full lifecycle of services: training, safety, maintenance, support, relocation, service contract, spare parts and modification, all available on a 24/7 basis. Material Flow Enhancement through a building is ensured because the solution presented to the customer has been customised to meet their exacting requirements. One of Kardex Remstar’s most recent products is the easy-to-integrate Vertical Buffer Module, the LR 35. Introduced just last year, this unique total handling solution enables controlled access to single containers.
Its ergonomic work concept guarantees higher picking performance and discrete bin handling whilst optional automatic conveyor connections allow simultaneous replenishment.

Advantages of the scalable and modular LR 35 include more accuracy and convenience, a smaller footprint and, importantly, a faster return on investment. "We don’t just follow the market, we lead it," Tom concluded. "This is what makes us the number one supplier in this segment of our industry. We are an innovative company with an understanding that the intralogistics marketplace is evolving rapidly and looking for answers to increasingly more complex problems and challenges."

Since its arrival in 1977, Kardex Remstar has successfully installed approximately 20,000 solutions to customers’ sites within the UK alone, catering for every industry sector and vertical market including pharmaceutical, automotive, aerospace, defence, warehouse & distribution, oil & gas and retail sectors (to name a few core examples). To find out how its remarkable products can make a difference to your business then please contact the group today.


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