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Med24’s video shows how efficient order picking works in the area of e-commerce (copy 1)

Growth of over 400 percent in conjunction with a product range that had increased in size to over 10,000 different items presented particular challenges for the warehouse logistics of the Danish online retailer Med24. In this video, Med24 demonstrates how its highly efficient storage solution from Kardex Remstar works.

Med24 is a successful online retailer of cosmetic and health-care products, supplying customers across the entire Scandinavian region. The high amount of orders resulting from strong growth and its wide range of health, care, and cosmetic products made it necessary to modernize the warehouse. In order to ensure that it could continue to work quickly, cost-effectively, and to the complete satisfaction of its customers, Med24 invested in an automated storage system from Kardex Remstar. As a result, it was able to reduce the area needed for storage space by over 75 percent and cut order picking times by 60 percent while also increasing the accuracy of the picking operation.

Med24 and Kardex Remstar have made provisions for further growth with this solution, because the storage system is a scalable model that can reliably keep up with sales and the product portfolio as they grow in future. See for yourself in the video how Med24 efficiently picks the goods with the help of nine Megamat RS 350 units and listen as co-founder Nils Traeholt explains the benefits of the new solution. 


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