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Precise picking helps retailers make most of Peak Times

December through to Mid-February marks the period in which most e-retailers garner their greatest revenue gains. This has increased pressure on the traditional warehouse and distribution market, as now products need to be optimally stored so they can be quickly and safely prepared for shipping.

This is where modern storage systems come into their own. Automation can handle the demand of peak periods fast, with highly precise picking ensuring that the right parcel arrives at the right address at an agreed time.

Automated systems are designed with retrieval processes at the workstations, and where requested items are precisely identified by an LED pointer with the aid of optional pick-by-light assistant. With accuracy of almost 100%, picking errors are now a thing of the past, pleasing both the recipients and the returns department.

Space optimisation important as SKU range grows

Flexible storage of goods is no longer just about peak times. With the growth witnessed in the area of eCommerce, it is hardly surprising that product ranges are also growing. Storage space is becoming scarcer and therefore more valuable, which is why automated storage has a clear advantage over conventional shelving.

For example, 80% of warehouse space can be saved by switching to modern units, which means that 400 sq m of storage space can be created on a footprint measuring just 20 sq m. Research has shown that this more than makes up for the initial cost of moving to automation.


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