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As general contractor, Kardex Mlog is expanding the capacity of Friedrich Boysen Gmbh & Co. KG at the Turmfeld site.

Central high-bay warehouse in the new Boysen plant

Neuenstadt/Turmfeld – Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co. KG is expanding its capacity at the Turmfeld site with a new production and dispatch warehouse. As general contractor, Kardex Mlog is supplying and installing all components of the automated high-bay warehouse including the warehouse management control system, material flow control system, racking construction, storage and retrieval machines and conveyor system. The value of the contract is approximately €5m.

The Boysen group of companies operates in the emissions technology field as a system partner of well-known automotive manufacturers. At the main Turmfeld plant in Altensteig, Boysen produces exhaust manifolds, exhaust silencers and catalytic converters. In future, the production of pipes, manifolds and covers will be concentrated in the new No. 3 plant. In the centre of the comprehensive plant that covers some 20,000 m2 there is a new, two-aisle high-bay warehouse (HBW). Its four free-standing stacker racks offer a capacity of 5,687 storage locations (DB stillages).

Both aisles will be equipped with two storage and retrieval machines each. In aisle 1 the single column MSingle will be used with a carrying capacity of 15 kN and in the second aisle the twin-column MTwin will be used with a carrying capacity of 25 kN. The SRMs are almost 21 metres high and are equipped with controlled three-phase drives that allow cycle figures of 31 (MTwin) or 32 double cycles (MSingle) per hour to be achieved at conveying speeds of 180 m/min. To connect the different working areas, Kardex Mlog is also installing the entire conveyor system from incoming and outgoing goods through production and up to dispatch.

Multiple-line chain conveyors are used to transport the load carriers. In addition, Kardex Mlog is installing stacking and unstacking devices, scanners, devices for contour checking and weighing applications. Vertical transfer units are used to bridge the height differences in the automated high-bay warehouse. Shuttle cars are responsible for supplying the bulk conveyors after retrieval. Final acceptance of the facility is planned for December of this year. The new plant will begin production in early 2012.


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