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Secure High Density Storage For Pathology Slides

Kardex Remstar now offers a unit specifically for storing pathology slides and is designed to provide high density, secure storage and retrieval.

 Medical laboratories and hospitals are mandated to keep pathology slides and tissue blocks for a specific timeframe. Although retention periods vary based on specimen type, some can be up to ten years. Storing pathology slides and tissue blocks for ten years comes with a unique set of challenges including storage space, weight limitation, confidentiality and tracking/retrieving.

The Kardex Remstar Pathology Unit is specifically designed to meet these unique challenges providing high density, secure storage and retrieval for pathology slides and tissue blocks. Units can be can be designed to meet active laboratories daily needs, keeping items at your fingertips. The Pathology Unit can save up to 75% floor space, improve ergonomics and increase productivity.

The Pathology Unit is designed to support the weight of the slide and tissue blocks inventory (0.28lbs/LFI) while increasing slide density. Laboratories can save up to 75% floor space using the Pathology Unit over other standard pathology slide and tissue blocks storage methods.

Pathology slides are stored in standard slide trays and placed in carriers within the unit. When requested by an operator, the unit rotates around vertically and presents the slide tray to the operator eliminating walk and search time.

Delivered via the "goods to person" principle, the operator retrieves the item at waist height. Instead of bending and lifting heavy slide trays, the operator simply slides the tray out of the unit onto a work counter. Further, the work counter can be adjustable and can be positioned at a standing position, seated position or anywhere in between.

Optionally, using light directed technology, position lights director the operator to the location of each tray. Additional inventory management software can display other information about the slide or tissue block such as an identification number. This not only speeds up pick time, but also ensures the operator picks the correct slide or tissue block required. A Pathology Unit can increase productivity up to 2/3 over standard pathology slide and tissue block storage.

With a concern for patient confidentiality, the Pathology Unit can be closed and locked with the slides securely inside until a slide or tissue block is required. Furthermore, integrating the unit with software, transactions can be recorded to provide user and inventory reports on demand.

The Pathology Unit is designed specifically for storage of items such as paraffin blocks and cassettes, microscope slides, blood bags, test tube racks and beyond. This secure storage system keeps all stored items accounted for in a smaller overall footprint. With 100% ergonomic accessibility and increased productivity the Pathology Unit is sure to reduce the challenges of storing these slides by keeping all items at your fingertips.

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