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Seemless Inventory Control with Power Pick Global

Seemless Inventory Control with Power Pick Global

The Keytec® core module forms the basis of the new structure for Power Pick Global. Keytec includes functions for convenient management of users, rights, containers, materials, warehouses, and storage spaces. They enable simple reporting by means of preproduced lists and reports. Unscheduled stock placements and return transfers are also possible with automatic storage space suggestion and unscheduled stock removals can also be made using dynamic lists.

Tailor-made software packages based on expert advice

Building on the basic functions of Keytec, additional features such as interfaces, batch management, or inventory support can be added with optional modules or selected at a later time. Expert consultation is used to draw up the customer requirements and adapt the software package to these needs. The optional modules are therefore always selected to suit the individual requirements.

Basic functionalities

  • User management - Management of user accounts and access rights for these within the software

  • Materials management/materials characteristics - Management of materials (items) and their characteristics 

  • Stock management - Administration and organisation of the dynamic and static storage systems, PC workstations, and peripheral equipment to be managed in the warehouse 

  • Container management - Definition and management of different container types and their dimensions

  • Storage space management - Organisation of the storage area provided by the dynamic or static storage systems for the use of different containers or free space

  • Unscheduled warehousing - Individual, manual stock placements, return transfers, and stock removals 

  • Report generation (basic) - Access to predefi ned warehouse statistics and lists

  • History - Logging of bookings and other software events



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