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The Smartpick 5200 software package from Kardex Remstar optimizes processes in electronics manufacturing

Whether in the automotive industry or the fields of aviation, medical technology, or mechanical engineering – these days hardly any sector can get by without electronics. Kardex Remstar, the supplier of intralogistics technology, is now bringing out a software package specifically designed for this sector. It will make processes in the factories of electronics manufacturers more flexible, productive, and cost-efficient.

Order-related picking of feeder trolleys containing SMD reels plays a critical role in the error-free and efficient assembly of surface-mounted devices (SMDs) involving tiny components. With the new Smartpick 5200 software package from Kardex Remstar, upstream and downstream processes in electronics manufacturing – such as storage of SMD reels, retrieval, picking on feeder trolleys, and returning superfluous materials to storage after the picking order – can be organized in a more productive and cost-efficient manner. The software solution also permits the quick conversion of SMD lines without the loss of time or materials. Various storage and retrieval systems from Kardex Remstar, such as vertical carousels or storage lifts, are available to use with the application-specific software.

Return reels quickly and easily
The Smartpick 5200 software package is based on the latest version of Power Pick Global (4.0). Besides the standard functions found on Kardex’s own warehouse management software, the bundle also features a special handling tool for SMD reels, batch and serial number management, history documentation, cost center and minimum inventory management, and much more. Above all, the handling tool for SMD components makes processes in electronics manufacturing simpler and more transparent. To name but one example, the system provides information on how many components from a retrieved SMD reel are being used on a production line at any given time and how many are still available for other production lines. The reels with the remaining stock are returned to storage without having to reallocate batch or serial numbers. The efficient management of batch and serial numbers also helps customers in the electronics manufacturing industry to secure the traceability of their products.

Marc A. Zenses, director of solution/product management at Kardex Remstar, explained: “With Smartpick 5200, processes in electronics manufacturing can be simplified and accelerated, storage space can be saved, and picking accuracy can be increased up to 99 percent.”

Application-specific software solutions
The Power Pick Global 4.0 warehouse management software can be used flexibly and covers highly diverse fields of application – from production to distribution logistics. Besides Smartpick 5200 for electronics manufacturing, the software is also available as Cleverstore 1000 for the simple storage, retrieval, and inventory management of articles, and as Smartpick 6000 for highly efficient picking with various strategies including batch picking and multi-user picking. All software packages are freely upgradeable. If a customer require an additional function, they can get it without having to switch to the next package size up. “Since our software expertise is in-house, we are in a position to look at our customers’ needs on a flexible basis while offering excellent value for money,” said Marc A. Zenses. It is not only the automated storage systems from Kardex Remstar that can be controlled and managed with the help of Power Pick Global 4.0, other storage units can also be controlled, such as static shelving.


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