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Space-saving integration of an SMD warehouse at Phoenix Contact Electronics

Space-saving integration of an SMD warehouse at Phoenix Contact Electronics

Phoenix Contact Electronics is an internal supplier of electronic components for the Phoenix Group. The company manufactures components, systems, and solutions in the area of electrical engineering, electronics, and automation.

As part of restructuring measures in the warehouse due to a lack of space in the production area, a more efficient storage solution was sought. The SMD reels, printed circuit boards, and assembly groups were previously stored on static shelves, which took up a lot of space. Besides significantly increasing storage capacity, the company also wanted to retrieve parts needed for production more quickly.

The idea was to separate storage, retrieval, and order picking tasks in future in order to organize the overall process more productively. Planning and installation was made more difficult by the fact that space for the new system was severely limited by the presence of supporting beams in the ceiling.

Kardex Remstar found the ideal solution for the customer with the precision installation of four Shuttle XPmultiple units. In addition, 812 square meters of storage space for SMD production was created across two floors on a footprint measuring almost 40 square meters.

The storage units have access openings on both floors for storage and retrieval close to the production area. While the operator picks the goods at the access opening, a new tray can be retrieved from the rear section, significantly speeding up the performance. The system was installed during continuous operation, effectively preventing production downtimes.

The advantages at a glance

  • Units integrated in the building across two floors above one another
  • Creation of 812 m2 of storage space on a 40 m2 footprint
  • Storage and retrieval tasks separated across two floors
  • Faster performance thanks to parallel storage and retrieval processes
  • Installation during continuous operation


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