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Successful slow mover management with the Vertical Buffer Module

Efficient and precise order picking.

Slow-moving parts and their efficient storage are a tricky problem that most companies have to tackle sooner or later. Regardless whether wholesalers, logistics service providers, or general manufacturers with an extensive spare parts warehouse, they all keep a large number of slow-moving goods in stock in addition to their frequently ordered items. Even though from a commercial perspective it appears at first glance to make little sense to store such items, above all else it is usually a company’s commitment to service or requirement to have a full product range available that compels it to keep slow-moving items in stock. Besides the fact that the items are rarely picked, the main problem is their sheer quantity and the amount of storage space needed for them.

Kardex Remstar has developed a concept specifically for such situations on the basis of the Vertical Buffer Modules, aimed especially at helping companies with a broad product range and/or high service level (e.g., 24-hour customer service or overnight delivery) to solve the problem efficiently.

Thanks to the goods-to-person principle and high order picking performance, the Kardex Remstar LR 35 is particularly suitable for handling slow-moving items. The innovative system makes it possible to keep many different items in stock using a highly dense storage concept and pick them in small quantities when needed. Due to its high and extremely precise order picking performance, storage and retrieval of slow movers can be efficiently managed, while also saving valuable resources (space, time, employees, and money).

Advantages at a glance:

  • Fast access to slow-moving parts
  • Significantly improved order picking performance
  • Error-free order picking
  • Flexibility in terms of dimensions, integration, and additional features
  • Ergonomic operation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Fewer employees needed
  • Optimization of storage space and volume


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