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The new VLM BOX: for improved efficiency and a better overview

Logistics managers are only too familiar with the delays caused by searching for poorly sorted items and the resulting picking errors as well as insufficient storage space. With the VLM BOX, developed specifically for the company’s own units in the Vertical Lift family, Kardex Remstar supplies an adjustable storage compartment system that has been perfectly tailored to the Shuttle XP series. The VLM BOX will make such problems a thing of the past in the warehouse.

The Kardex VLM BOX is extremely lightweight and completely flexible in terms of height, width, and depth, making it possible to create more than 300 different storage compartments in just one box. In addition to being tidier, the box’s space-saving sorting concept increases storage capacity by up to 20 percent – an invaluable benefit. And the VLM BOX can do even more: Thanks to its modular design, it can be adapted in an instant to cope with changes to the inventory. Straightforward handling of the boxes makes it easy for the customer to save space immediately and benefit from the many clear advantages the boxes have to offer, including:

  • Maximum flexibility due to the individual design with over 300 storage compartments
  • Simple scalability due to the expandable box system
  • Fewer picking errors due to the items being arranged in a specific way
  • Secure storage due to the tailored space for each item

In short, the VLM BOX system is the ideal solution for dynamic storage.


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