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Versatility and automation level in storage, commissioning and transport systems (WALaTra)

The increasing product variant diversity and cost pressure are setting new requirements for storage, commissioning and transport systems, like low investments or high adaptability. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it is difficult to handle this challenge.

The organisation has to choose an optimal system for their storage, commissioning and transport processes in order to stay competitive in the global economy. In the process, SMEs should pay special attention to both the versatility and the automation level as well as their interdependencies.
The goal of this research project is to support SMEs in this task. Therefore, a method that enables the decision maker to identify the required versatility and automation level against the background of the storage product portfolio and form of organisation will be developed. For the system selection, it is necessary to structure current systems according to their versatility and automation level.
A software demonstrator will offer the possibility to identify an optimal combination of storage, commissioning and transport systems. Ultimately, the user will get a variety of potential systems, with their corresponding degree of fulfilment for the respective indicators, to choose an optimal solution from.

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