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Yves Rocher uses fireproof storage systems from Kardex Remstar

Yves Rocher uses fireproof storage systems from Kardex Remstar

For many companies comprehensive fire protection is indispensable when storing their valuable products. This also goes for Groupe Yves Rocher, an international group of companies with worldwide 15,000 employees that has primarily produced and marketed cosmetics and body care products since 1959.

In its Paris laboratories, scientists develop new plant-based cosmetic products. The necessary raw materials must be stored in accordance with country-specific insurance guidelines. As such, the company needed a storage system capable of being accessed across three floors with comprehensive fire protection.

Kardex Remstar supplied two Shuttle XP 250 storage lifts with integrated fire protection to ensure the safe storage of ingredients in containers, bottles, boxes, or canisters. The innovative fire protection concept ensures that even the smallest smoke particles are immediately detected in the event of an emergency and the fire is extinguished without damaging the stored raw materials or storage unit or additionally accelerating the fire.

The special thing about this system is that it works with nitrogen, a residue-free inert gas that hardly reacts with other substances. In the event of a fire the gas is released within the storage unit at minimal pressure through special nozzle jets installed vertically along the entire height of the units. The oxygen content drops quickly and evenly, extinguishing the fire at an early stage. Automatic activation is delayed so that anyone in the danger area can escape first.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Units are fitted with fire protection equipment
  • Innovative alarm system for the immediate detection of smoke
  • Stored raw materials and storage unit are not damaged in the event of a fire
  • Minimum production/laboratory downtime in the event of a fire
  • Turnkey solution for storage unit and fire protection from one single source


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