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Interim report on the future of Kardex Stow

Kardex Stow continues to perform well and is further expanding its presence in selected markets. In doing so, the company benefits from its products’ strong market position, the ongoing expansion of its product range and the continuing extension of cooperation with strong OEM and key account partners such as Jungheinrich and Ikea. Moreover, the operational measures initiated 18 months ago have brought about a lasting improvement in the Division’s key financial figures. With an EBIT margin of around 5% and ROCE significantly in excess of 15%, Kardex Stow is well placed for the future and a potential remain in the Kardex Group.

Despite this pleasing performance – and parallel to it – the Board of Directors of Kardex AG and management of Kardex Stow have, in the last 12 months, been reviewing all the strategic options that would give Kardex Stow an even better opportunity for development. Over recent months, therefore, a merger with an industrial partner that possesses a geographical network which is complementary to Kardex Stow’s has been analyzed and worked out. The associated due diligence procedures and valuations are to a large extent completed. Still open is the financing of the transaction which has to be secured by the industrial partner and some contractual issues. In view of this, contract closure is unlikely by the end of 2012. Should the industrial partner fail to secure the financing until April 2013, the Board of Directors of Kardex AG will opt to retain the Division within the Group.

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