We are pleased to invite you to the 43rd Annual General Meeting. Please find all information below.

No physical participation possible

Due to the special situation in connection with the coronavirus, the Board of Directors has decided to hold the Annual General Meeting on 15 April 2021, in accordance with Art. 27 of the Covid 19 Regulation 3, excluding the physical participation of shareholders, even if at the time of the meeting there is no longer a ban on events in accordance with Art. 6 of the Covid 19 Regulation. All shareholders have the exclusive option of submitting a written or electronic proxy with instructions to the independent proxy.

Information on the elections

All current members of the Board of Directors will stand for re-election at the Annual General Meeting. There will be a handover in the chairmanship. Philipp Buhofer will step down from his position and Felix Thöni will be proposed as the new Chairman. This will also result in personnel changes in the committees.

Based on the Articles of Association and the Organizational Regulations, the Board of Directors has two committees: the Audit Committee (AC) and the Compensation and Nomination Committee (CNC).

The members of the AC are appointed by the Board of Directors, the members of the CNC by the Annual General Meeting.

  Until the AGM 2021   As of AGM 15.04.2021
Jakob Bleiker C   C  
Philipp Buhofer       M
Eugen Elmiger   M   M
Andreas Häberli M   M  
Ulrich Jakob Looser   C M C
Felix Thöni M M    
  Until the AGM 2021   As of AGM 15.04.2021

C=Chairman; M=Member

Please find below the invitation with the list of agenda items. Your personal copy of the invitation, the condensed version of the Annual Report and the access data for the Indirect Voting platform will be sent to you by mail. We thank you for your trust.

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