In the consumer goods industry, availability is a top priority. Supermarket shelves should never be empty, and a central warehouse must keep articles continuously circulating among stores.

Consumer goods manufacturers need to efficiently store, distribute, redistribute, deliver, and manage returns. What processes must be in place to ensure these logistics run smoothly?

Warehouse requirements

  • Safe storage
  • Accurate real-time inventory management and article traceability
  • Efficient and fast picking processes
  • Flawless management of seasonal goods and large, fluctuating product ranges
  • Reliable availability across all stores
  • Smooth returns management, also during peak seasons

Customer benefits

With an extensive portfolio and numerous applications, Kardex is a proven intralogistics partner to the consumer goods industry.

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Modular systems allow you to store articles (e.g. FMCG) with various heights and weights together while keeping out all dust and dirt. They also adapt and expand when needed: you can easily reconfigure trays and load carriers as inventory requirements change. An access control system protects valuable items from unauthorized entry.

Reduce footprint space by 85%! Kardex's highly-dense storage systems maximize existing warehouse capacity and enable sustainable growth.  

Automated systems from Kardex allow to smoothly pick large-volume orders in next to no time. Thanks to their cleverly devised control concept, order picking happens with precision and speed.

In combination with a variety of light-directed picking technologies and integrated message centers that communicate pick information to the operator automated storage and retrieval systems enable high pick accuracy. Together, these systems indicate the item to be picked, display the part number or description, pinpoint the exact location, direct picking (or storage for replenishment) and indicate the required quantity. These visual picking aids reduce picking errors, accelerate order fulfillment, and increase accuracy up to 99.9%.

Using the goods-to-person method, warehouse / assembly area workers directly access required articles from an ergonomic station. They do not have to spend time walking throughout the warehouse - the items they need are delivered directly to them.

Using automated technology, a worker remains within the assigned work area and the machines deliver stored goods to the operator as needed. Pick lights illuminate the item’s location and pick quantity required, cutting the operator time spent searching for a specific item, resulting in more time spent picking.

One worker can handle the picking assignments of multiple operators in a manual system, allowing you to reassign as many as two-thirds of your manual picking labor to other, non-picking tasks—without a loss of throughput.

Kardex's efficient and flexible warehouse management software allows the luxury to control storage and picking with continuous access to a transparent stock overview. The system maintains a smooth material flow, minimizes individual processing order time, achieves tighter delivery demands, and reduces overall costs. 

The warehouse management software integrates into existing ERP systems. We've had success working with Axapta, Magento, Navision, Movex, SAP, Jeeves, Apport, Consafe, Dracar, Autovision, and many others.

A woman works on a Vertical Lift Module with drying technology

Controlled environment

Kardex storage and retrieval systems cover various demands. They offer a temperature-controlled or dry atmosphere storage, clean room storage, retained sample areas, or short-term intermediate storage. Together, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs!

E-commerce and returns management

As online shopping continues to escalate at unprecedented speeds, retail stores need to undertake new tasks and incorporate modern, flexible processes. Retail shelf space must service in-person sales and online orders. New and flexible processes need to account for additional storing, picking, packing, labeling, and shipping.

A precise returns management system is critical. 4 out of 10 customers consider their options for returns while purchasing! Whether articles are stored temporarily and returned directly to a warehouse or returned in-person to a store and then ship to a central warehouse or resale shop, processes must be quick, precise, and efficient.

Fast and continuous availability of goods is the key. Kardex solutions enable this by: 

  • Enabling high-picking performance
  • Increasing picking and stock accuracy  
  • Optimizing storage space

Storage solutions for consumer goods


Life Cycle Services

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