Parts, raw materials, and products often require specific storage conditions. Depending on your individual needs, Kardex offers special storage solutions. As a result, your sensitive goods and their environment are optimally protected at all times.

Kardex's controlled environment solutions meet industry standards and regulations and enable storage under the following conditions: 

  • Temperature-controlled 
  • Dry atmospheres 
  • Clean room 
  • Fire protection, explosion protection, and controlled gas concentration
Floor-level transfer station for pallets in deep-freeze storage

Solutions for temperature-controlled storage

The transportation and storage of goods under temperature-controlled conditions poses strenuous challenges for intralogistics managers. A growing number of goods are temperature-sensitive and require constant storage temperatures. With years of experience working with the pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries, we understand the stringent guidelines companies face and offer temperature-controlled storage to meet these requirements.

We offer different systems for different needs including features like:

  • High performance of the components at constant temperatures between -35°C and +60°C
  • Constant temperatures +/–1 K
  • Temperature mapping
  • Heated and insulated switch cabinet cabins
  • Humidity control
  • Rapid cooling areas for warehouses with different temperature zones
Showing a Vertical Lift Module with drying technology from inside

Dry atmospheres to control humidity in storage areas

Based on our experience working with the semiconductor industry, we enhanced our automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) to include the option of controlling relative air humidity. Designed in accordance with the Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) guidelines, we now offer a dry room solution ideal for many industries.

We offer different systems for different needs including features like:
  • 10% relative humidity (r.h.) through nitrogen purging
  • 5% r.h. adsorption drying (application: storage of SMD components)
  • ESD-compatible design

Clean room solutions to eliminate airborne particles

Many industries including pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, aviation, medical, and optical require meticulous storage conditions. Kardex offers the option to store sensitive items within specific clean room conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, storing chemical substances and particle-free components for semiconductor production.

We offer different systems for different needs including features like:

  • Constant temperatures +/–1 K
  • Clean room classifications ranging from EN-ISO 5 to 8 (5 on request)
  • Positive/negative pressure
  • Reduced air flow
  • Clean room airlocks
  • Pallet changer

Prevent damage

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Fire protection

The earlier a fire is detected, contained, and extinguished, the less damage caused to the warehouse and the stored goods. 

Our solutions integrate with various third-party fire protection solutions to provide:

  • Residue-free fire extinguisher and aspirating smoke detector (ASD)
  • Fire protection gates and sprinkler technology
  • OxyReduct®, a fire prevention system that reduces oxygen
  • Acceptance testing for fire protection services in accordance with Vds or FM Global requirements

Explosion protection

Whenever highly flammable gas or particles are present in the air, dangerous explosions can unpredictably occur. This is why scrutinous plant planning, designing, and construction are so critical. In such cases, Kardex systems are planned and designed taking into account the explosion protection classes.

Controlled gas concentration

In the case of retained samples, (e.g., plant protection products), there is a risk of gas escaping. By integrating with third-party experts, we offer the possibility to automatically activate fans when a critical value is exceeded. The gas values are then neutralized and the gas concentration is returned to its normal range.


Which controlled environment solution is best for you?