Production processes for automobiles, airplanes, ships, railways, and other transportation vehicles range from workshop assembly in small batches to automated robot production. This ensures the intralogistics meet individual requirements.

Raw materials must be available just-in-time or just-in-sequence at the production or assembly stations. Finished products are often sequenced to the shipping area and prepared for transportation.

Multiple product variants, permanent cost pressure, low margins, and stringent OEM regulations for individual process steps pose significant challenges for suppliers. Not only are production processes often a barrier, but maintenance and supplying dealers' distribution centers also pose logistical challenges.

Automated solutions successfully master these challenges, integrate seamlessly into existing warehouses, and provide an excellent return on investment.

Warehouse requirements

  • Automated production and assembly supply just-in-time and just-in-sequence
  • Storage needed for various parts in a very small space
  • Handling of many different loading aids, with high demands on the transport elements and storage
  • Efficient temporary storage within a minimum amount of space
  • Secure batch management
  • Climate-controlled environment and dust-free storage

Additional requirements for automotive suppliers

  • Managing a significant number of daily deliveries 
  • Executing efficient package consolidation processes
  • Minimizing travel distances and search times

Customer benefits

With an extensive portfolio and numerous applications, Kardex is a proven intralogistics partner to the automotive and transportation equipment industry.

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Kardex automated storage solutions make optimum use of available space and reduce footprint requirements by up to 85%. They combine and compactly store items of various shapes and sizes (e.g. large, small, light, heavy) in one or multiple storage systems.

Kardex offers safe handling and the best possible security for valuable goods. Our lockable systems ensure they stay protected from external influences and unauthorized access. Containers store small parts and pallets are used to store large parts.

Efficiently store production parts requiring preparatory steps (e.g., painting, welding, etc.) until needed. Buffer storage allows clean storage and ensures articles remain clearly arranged until picked up for just-in-time production.

Orders ready for shipment are transported individually, pre-packed in various-sized cartons or on pallets. Via a conveyor system, they move to the storage system and are automatically scanned, stored, and managed until needed for a national or international order.

For a fast supply, just-in-time, or just-in-sequence, the storage system connects to a conveyor system. A conveyor line or driverless transport system then brings the articles automatically to the correct workstation. This also works the other way around - the articles automatically move from the workstation to intermediate storage and into the storage system.


The fully automated systems from Kardex handle the storage and retrieval of even large-volume orders in no time at all. Using our efficient warehouse management software, we offer a permanent stock overview, reports on minimum stock levels, and a smooth and fast material flow.


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