Smoothly operating intralogistics processes are essential for businesses to stay efficient and competitive. Disruptions and unplanned downtime lead to serious sales losses and high follow-up costs. Kardex's flexible on-site services provide availability and long-term profitability of your logistics system at all times.

Kardex's Life Cycle Service offers an integrated, modular service portfolio that ensures your logistics and warehousing solutions operate successfully throughout their entire life cycle. Together with you, we develop an individual service concept. In doing so, we attach great importance to actively supporting you in your system's efficient operation and quickly responding to changing requirements.

Service portfolio

On-site services ensure the availability and long-term viability of your plant. Kardex offers you a flexible portfolio of professional service offerings.


The telephone support is tailored to your requirements. You can opt for regular working hours support from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., 24 hours per day, or even the entire week (24/7).  Project experienced and highly-qualified personnel provide hotline support. They resolve 96% of all malfunctions by telephone or remotely through targeted and in-depth diagnostics. When, in exceptional cases, this does not provide a solution, a Kardex on-site technician steps in to help.

On-site call service

Depending on what you select in your service agreement, Kardex technicians arrive on-site between two hours and the next day. Around-the-clock service is also available.


Kardex's maintenance concept ensures high plant availability. Highly-qualified service technicians carry out support in accordance with the manufacturer's checklist. The best way to identify and remove weak points early, before downtime is necessary, is to schedule preventive, regular maintenance.

Safety inspection

Employee safety and the reliability of your plant logistics are our priority. Both are subject to annual, legally mandated inspections followed by a certification with the results.  Safety inspections increase your employees' safety levels and the overall company's economic viability.

Data communication analysis

Using data communication analysers, we recognize undesirable interruptions caused by aging components and other gradual changes before damage occurs. This minimizes any downtime. The analysis is carried out on-site by a Kardex service expert. After the analysis, you will receive a detailed status report about your logistics plant.

When you need operational support, Kardex provides a designated on-site service team.  For example, during the start-up phase of a logistics plant. We train and plan the team's size based on your plant’s specific requirements and have the flexibility to deploy service personnel in single or three-shift operations. This provides your employees with technical expertise straight from the start.

Service locations

The global Life Cycle Service team is ready to help you!

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