Information about the coronavirus

24 March 2020, Company News

During this extraordinary time, we hope that our employees and customers/partners as well as their relatives and colleagues are well. There is no doubt that this situation is impacting many of us in the daily work and life.

Due to developments and the continuing spread of the coronavirus, we defined in an early stage a global task force who is monitoring the situation on a daily basis. The task force is ensuring that all employees are following the guidelines from global and local health authorities. And furthermore, to take responsibility and utmost precautions that our employees and customers/partners stay healthy. At the slightest suspicion, our employees are sent to home office until either they have been negatively tested against 2019-nCoV or 14 days have passed.

We have business continuity measures in place to continuously deliver our promise and provide our customers/partners with the professional service they are used to. Whenever and against our assumptions, we would not be able to keep up our high service level, we would actively inform.

Our employees follow strictly hygienic measures to stay healthy. As an example, this means that our employees are not allowed to shake hands and are requested to keep distance.

We thank our employees and customers/partners for the understanding and support in this difficult situation.