Storing, managing, and picking single items like small and lightweight goods requires a solution that optimizes order picking performance while guaranteeing high precision.

We know what you need:

  • Maximum space utilization by compact storage
  • High picking accuracy
  • Short access times
  • High turnover rates
  • Easy to integrate solutions
  • Modular and adaptable systems for maximum flexibility

Kardex systems enable the storage of small and lightweight goods and thereby significantly improves productivity and energy consumption, while reducing error rates. We offer user-friendly and easy-to-operate material flow control and warehouse management. Our solutions serve multiple purposes. Use them to store goods in a high-bay warehouse to supply a production line with a wide range of products, pick slow-moving parts in the distribution warehouse, or for buffer storage in the assembly area. Addressing your needs and challenges, we offer a tailored solution.


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Kardex VBM, VLM, and VCM Boxes

When storing small parts, we recommend using Kardex’s VBM, VLM, and VCM Boxes. Combined with our automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), they help organize your warehouse and maximize storage capacity even further. Made of durable and robust plastic, they are reusable, easy to clean, and water/chemical resistant. Individually configurable for different items, meaning flexible in size with various heights, widths, and depths, they offer a hundred location types and transparent storage. They conform precisely to the storage system's required dimensions. This ensures maximum storage density, better organization, and faster retrieval times. If necessary, the boxes can be further subdivided to create even smaller storage locations.

Man works on the Vertical Lift Module equipped with Kardex VLM Boxes

Totes, Bins, Trays

When storing single items, using bins is particularly appropriate as they ensure high storage density, transparency, and an efficient material flow. Kardex solutions enable you to store and automatically convey your goods flexibly in bins and systems tailored to your needs.


When it comes to goods delivered in cartons, storing them directly, without repackaging, saves many resources. Using automated systems with a conveying connection, cartons transport automatically to the correct storage system.

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We optimize storage volume and ensure a high density storage solution. Our experts will tailor a solution based on the number of SKUs and a performance evaluation.

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