The Intuitive Picking Assistant elevates picking processes of AutoStore™ Solutions to the next level. By projecting all relevant picking information, it guides the operator through the picking process.

High-picking performance and quality are essential in the picking process, facing challenges like labor intensity and inefficiencies. The Intuitive Picking Assistant, compatible with a wide range of AutoStore Ports, elevates AutoStore™ Solutions, streamlining operations and reducing errors. This integration offers a scalable solution to meet the evolving needs of warehouses, optimizing efficiency and accuracy in picking processes, and addressing the challenge of finding highly trained workers. 

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How does it work?

Kardex is embracing the "Natural User Interface" (NUI) trend with its latest innovation, the "Intuitive Picking Assistant." This trend focuses on how humans interact with machines within both technical and real world environments. This means operations at a picking station are performed without an additional display or keyboard. Workers are guided intuitively and receive confirmation for each step, reducing the need for extensive training while improving ergonomics and overall performance.  


Main functionalities

  • Displays picking details
  • Highlights picking location
  • Recognizes hand / finger position to prevent errors

Benefits at a glance

  • Accelerate picking processes

  • Avoid mispicked items

  • Create ergonomic environment

Accelerate picking processes

Avoid mispicked items

Create ergonomic environment


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