Pharmaceutical product storage requires the highest standards and places extreme demands on hygiene and process reliability. Quality assurance plays a central role because every mistake has a direct impact on a consumer’s health.

Logistics costs are increasingly becoming a focus of corporate planning. Added to this are the increasing expectations of customers with regards to the ability to deliver.

Automation makes it possible to achieve error-free workflows and complete traceability back to the origin of every batch. Automated storage and order picking also ensures lower costs, maximum use of space, optimal climatic conditions, and absolute cleanliness.

Critical factors when planning automated pharmaceutical warehouses

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Vertical Lift Modules for the Pharmaceuticals Industry to store under controlled environments

Warehouse challenges

  • Complying with pharmaceutical regulations: GXP, GDP, GAMP 5, FDA
  • Securing work processes and hygiene regulations
  • Obtaining complete process and batch traceability
  • Guaranteeing absolute cleanliness in the clean room environment
  • Implementing a controlled climate environment
  • Managing energy efficiency

Considering these factors, planning, expanding, and modernizing automated warehouses requires precise knowledge of industry-specific requirements. This primarily concerns GMP, GDP, or GAMP 5 regulations which define the technical acceptance processes as well as hygiene, climate, and temperature control regulations. Gaining experience working on numerous projects, Kardex both understands and has experience working with the pharmaceutical industry’s unique challenges.

Customer benefits

With an extensive portfolio and numerous applications, Kardex is a proven intralogistics partner to the pharmaceuticals industry.

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The efficient storage and supply of pharmaceutical products requires an automated solution to ensure process reliability, batch tracing, and hygiene standards. At the same time, Kardex’s automated storage solutions make optimal use of available space and enable fast and reliable order picking.

As buffer storage, Kardex’s automated storage solutions ensure maximum production utilization. In this case, the solutions temporarily store multiple and various products and raw materials which automatically become available at exactly the right time for production.

Quality control plays a central role in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must therefore observe specific guidelines during production. Among other things, these aim to ensure compliance with specified hygiene, temperature, and climatic conditions. Kardex offers diverse storage solutions under controlled conditions.

Complete and reliable individual production batch traceability is extremely important to the pharmaceutical industry. Kardex’s software solutions ensure this at all times.

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