Use the Horizontal Carousel from Kardex wherever it is essential to store and retrieve goods quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

Whether in the areas of production, distribution, or for applications with high retrieval rates or moderately fast- and slow-moving goods, the Horizontal Carousel meets every demand.

Man picks a good from the Horizontal Carousel Module

Customer needs

  • Higher throughput and shorter delivery periods
  • Reduced warehousing costs
  • Optimized storage space
  • Guaranteed permanent access to the goods
  • More efficient processes
  • Less picking errors

Benefits at a glance

Paperless picking is possible while delivery notes and other relevant documents can continue to be printed. The warehouse management system (WMS) combines several orders into a picking batch via a PC control, allowing operators to pick multiple orders with less movement.

To achieve high throughput during peak times and meet seasonal picking requirements, the system divides into different stations at the push of a button. Therefore, it’s possible, for example, to have a network of four Horizontal Carousel Modules operated not only by one person but by several simultaneously.

The Horizontal Carousel is suitable for storing a variety of different applications and items. Within the carriers, users choose individual shelf distances and adapt them to the respective goods. It’s even possible to efficiently store bulky items, up to the entire carrier height.

From development and manufacturing to customer service, the Horizontal Carousel is a compact, reliable, low-maintenance unit with nearly 100 % availability. It ensures consistent and long-term operational safety.

The requested items are transported to the operator quickly, directly, and reliably – without any unproductive travel and search times. For that to happen the Horizontal Carousel always takes the shortest path to the access opening. The display-tool-feature shows the operator which goods and what quantities to pick from which storage location.

The simultaneous, independent moving stations of a Horizontal Carousel allow for a very fast overall system and high-picking performance. One operator can work off 200 to 400 positions per station per hour. Optical displays on the machine and on the picking station guarantee a pick and put accuracy rate of more than 99%.

The Horizontal Carousel is ideal for the storage and retrieval of small and medium-sized items. Moreover, it is capable of storing items with a maximum payload of 54 tons. The load capacity is chosen according to the application.

Items are stored compactly in a confined space; this eliminates unproductive travel and picking routes within the warehouse. The actual picking zone is as small as 5 to 10 square meters.

How does the Horizontal Carousel work?

The main components and properties of the Horizontal Carousel

A small spacing of 38 mm and twice this number of hook options for shelves is the formula for the success of the Horizontal Carousel. It increases warehouse capacity and flexibility and through shelf spacing and standard bins, customers gain one or se­veral shelf levels.

Since the shelves rotate 180 degrees, they can be used in several different ways, significantly improving the handling of items and creating more flexibility when storing and retrieving goods. The 14 mm front lip on each shelf prevents the stored goods from slipping. They are optimally secured in a horizontal and forward-tilted position.

  • Tilted forward
  • Horizontally
  • Tilted backward

Shelves need to be able to carry and withstand a lot of weight. The robust strength of the shelf helps to reduce shelf deflection against higher concentrated loads.

A shelf lock is optional. It minimizes the vibration noise of unloaded shelves since they are connected to the carrier at the crossbar. Another plus! Safety and installation availability increase, since autonomous disengagement is not a concern.


Tab Navigation

Dual stations

  • I- or L-shaped configurations shorten travel distances and simplifies order picking
  • Suitable for rooms up to three meters high
  • Easily operated by one person

Triple and quadruple stations

  • L-, I-, or U-shaped installation possible
  • Suitable for rooms up to three meters high
  • Achieves faster order picking by using several operators at the same time

Multilevel stations

  • A multilevel station, where two or three Horizontal Carousels are arranged above one another (each at least 2.5 meters high)
  • Autonomous order picking performed by one operator on each level
  • Suitable for rooms up to nine meters high

Tall station with lifting platform

  • Combination of between two and four Horizontal Carousels, each four meters high
  • Picker transported to the retrieval location by a lifting platform
  • Suitable for rooms up to 4.5 meters high

Every Horizontal Carousel is configured to meet your needs

Technical data of the Horizontal Carousel Module

Tabelle mit 3 Einträgen anzeigen
Carousel length Spalte 1 5,900 mm to 46,700 mm
Spalte 1 Number of carriers Spalte 1 Dependent on the carrier width (CW): CW 622 mm: 16 to 120 carriers | CW 825 mm: 14 to 100 carriers | CW 960 mm: 12 to 90 carriers
Spalte 1 Carrier width Spalte 1 622 mm, 825 mm, 960 mm
Spalte 1 Carrier depth Spalte 1 460 mm, 560 mm, 610 mm
Spalte 1 Carrier height Spalte 1 1,854 mm to 3,658 mm
Spalte 1 Carrier payload Spalte 1 450 kg, 680 kg and 900 kg
A woman works on a Vertical Lift Module with drying technology

Controlled environment

Parts, raw materials, and products often require special storage conditions. Depending on your needs, choose from four controlled environment solutions, which can be integrated into your storage and retrieval system. This results in optimal protection for sensitive goods at all times!


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