Whereas the manufacturing process between material procurement, tire construction, and vulcanization has been largely exhausted, there is still great potential for savings in the automation of intralogistics along the production line.

In the industrial production of vehicle tires, manufacturers are faced with different challenges: 

  • Managing multiple processes at different speeds
  • Increasing individualization in tire selection which leads to decreasing batch sizes
  • Requiring significant manual labor and large space requirements in the shipping area

With our comprehensive portfolio and numerous application fields, the Kardex Group is an experienced intralogistics partner to the tire industry. Our portfolio provides various solutions including: automated storage and retrieval solutions (ASRS) for pallets with rubber compounds, customer-specific transport carts, green tires, and rack-supported storage systems for finished goods. The selection of suitable components is usually determined by the desired dynamics and the number and type of logistics units used.

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