The efficiency and performance of a storage solution depends on many different factors including implemented processes and technologies. In order to ensure the best overall performance of a system throughout its entire life cycle, it should be put to the test over and over again.

Hand in hand with you, the Kardex Life Cycle Service team will analyze your installed components, processes, material flow, and warehouse utilization regularly. Our recommendations will ensure your systems are optimized and always up to date.


Kardex experts take preventive measures before operations get impacted and identify ways to continuously improve and maximize performance. We also keep you informed about new products and the latest technology!

Success stories

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Replacing existing shelving

Kardex customer, KraussMaffei, installed Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) Kardex Shuttle to replace existing shelving, recover floor space, organize inventory, and improve accuracy. The VLMs saved floor space, but improper loading and employee turnover negatively impacted their effectiveness. Over time, they weren't functioning at peak efficiency, and capacity was low. Our experienced Life Cycle Service team analyzed warehouse processes and storage utilization to optimize the usage of the installed storage and retrieval systems.

“The warehouse is happy and the company overall is now more comfortable with the automated warehouse solution, and when we add more shuttles we have the knowledge in-house to load them ourselves!”​ says Randy Williams, Operations Manager, KraussMaffei.

Growing within a long-term partnership

For the healthcare company Fresenius Kabi, Kardex Mlog constructed a fully automated high-bay warehouse in 1996. Since then, the logistics center has been extended and refurbished in several steps and has grown into an international hub. Most recently, they achieved a significant increase in efficiency and throughput thanks to optimizing the conveying lines and greater automation of the material flows - and all this during ongoing operations and without any loss of performance of the existing system.

"The combination of logistics know-how at Kardex Mlog and their precise knowledge of our site and our requirements profile resulting from previous projects were key reasons for us in opting for our long-term partner, Kardex Mlog", says Peter Hubl, Head of Technology and Logistics, Fresenius Kabi Logistik GmbH.

“We understand the triad of maintenance, repairs, and modernization not as a one-off project, but as a continuous process. In an ideal case, this results in years or even decades of partnership between the operator and technology partner, who knows the warehouse, its possible weak points, and the potential for optimization very well.”

Jens Kuppelhuber Refurbishment at Kardex Mlog

Is it time to reorganize and optimize your storage systems, expand existing facilities and systems with additional units, add elements, or modernize them? We’re looking forward to reviewing your warehouse.

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