TCI Telecomunicazioni Italia Solves Growth Challenges with Automation from Kardex

4 July 2024, Company News

02 July 2024 – TCI Telecomunicazioni Italia Srl (TCI), a leading European manufacturer of electronic components for the lighting industry, announced the successful implementation of an automated warehouse solution from Kardex Remstar. This move empowers TCI to manage its significant growth while optimizing production and logistics processes.


Over the past four years, TCI has experienced a remarkable 40% increase in turnover. This growth spurred an expansion of their product range and a critical need for improved efficiency in production and order fulfillment. To maintain uninterrupted production, TCI maintains high stock levels and often plans orders a year in advance.

Maximising Traceability in a Changing Market

While TCI has traditionally focused on standard products, they now face a surge in demand for customized lighting components. This shift resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of managed items, from a few references to over 6,000 unique products. The company needed a solution to:

  • Boost productivity: reduce staff handling and picking times.
  • Manage order complexity: handle the increased volume of fragmented orders.
  • Minimise picking errors: address the potential for errors due to the visual similarity of many components.

Kardex Delivers a Customised Solution

Kardex Remstar designed a solution using 13 Vertical Lift Module Kardex Shuttles, all managed by custom software. This system prioritizes minimizing human error in warehouse replenishment and order picking. The integration of the Display LED-Navigator module provides operators with customized light messages during picking, increasing accuracy and performance. 

Overcoming Scepticism, Embracing Success

Despite initial reservations, the TCI team quickly embraced the new automated system, resulting in:

  • Reduced processing times
  • Improved traceability of raw materials and finished goods
  • Consistently high stock levels for uninterrupted production

About TCI Electronics

TCI is a leading Italian manufacturer of electronic components for lighting applications, with a global presence. Their passion for light spans over 40 years, and they remain committed to traditional Italian values of quality and reliability.

About Kardex 

Kardex is a leading global partner for intralogistics solutions in an attractive and growing market. The Group offers premium automated products, standardized systems, and life cycle services that guarantee high availability and low total cost of ownership. Kardex provides an intelligent entry into automation with its dynamic storage and retrieval systems, offers integrated material handling systems, small parts storage systems, and automated high-bay warehouses, and acts as a global AutoStore™ partner, offering flexible and modular storage and order fulfillment solutions. The Group employs around 2,500 people in over 30 countries. Kardex Holding AG has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 1989.  


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