Kardex Remstar: Kardex Compact Buffer renamed to Kardex Miniload-in-a-Box

11 March 2024, Company News

Kardex Compact Buffer, a key product in Kardex Remstar's portfolio of innovative automated storage and retrieval solutions, will now be known as Kardex Miniload-in-a-Box. 
The Kardex Miniload-in-a-Box belongs to the Vertical Buffer Module (VBM) family and is an integral part of the Kardex portfolio, particularly in our standard and customized systems business. It is designed to increase operational efficiency and scalability for businesses seeking to optimize their storage and retrieval processes. The name change emphasizes the product's core functionality as a compact, versatile miniload system and conveys the benefits it offers.
With order fulfillment accounting for over 70% of its applications, this renaming reflects Kardex's dedication to providing solutions that are both efficient and tailored to the specific needs of our customers. 


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