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Automation a ‘Nice to have’ or a ‘Must have’?

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If we take a look at automation choices for customers in the world of distribution we see a real mixed bag in the storage and management of products

The Problem: If we take a look at automation choices for customers in the world of distribution we see a real mixed bag in the storage and management of products. There are some pretty impressive large scale distributors who offer solutions that deliver organisations with advanced levels of sophistication in the management of products with ‘door to door’ distribution and high levels of complexity. Due to this complexity it comes with a need to hire informed staff who understand the solution, which all boils down to a pretty high price tag. For medium to large companies this is a ‘must have’ due to sheer volumes of product distribution and maintaining costs and reputation.


But what about the SME’s? (small to medium size companies) Again depending on your size, market and product storage requirements you will choose a solution that will probably fit your pocket rather than what you would like if money was no object. But common to all is that no matter what your size you have a need to have an efficient storage and retrieval system that will reduce personnel resource requirements and warehousing costs.


A what if: you’re successfully growing your business and space is becoming a problem. You might have a need to increase your product line to keep up with competition, but alongside a smaller footprint you’re still using traditional rack storage. You recognize that your profit margins could be better with automation but you think it might not be affordable? New innovation is changing the landscape and some storage vendors have recognised a need to deliver solutions to smaller growing markets. Automation shouldn’t be and isn’t only the remit of companies with deep pockets.


The Solution: Automation has shown to be key in helping to maximise profit margins. Kardex Remstar is a pioneer in innovation with a strong history dating back to the 1950’s in storage products. They have a broad range of automated modular storage and picking solutions that deliver optimised storage space, enabling you to increase productivity by managing and controlling stock levels. Today’s innovation is all about scalability, and Kardex solutions have been designed to scale with the needs of your business. An example is Godwin Pumps who had a 10,000 square meter manufacturing base at Quenington. It had reached its capacity for storage. They also had the challenge of ensuring that stock levels continuously met demand which was becoming increasingly difficult. For Godwin, it was imperative that it maintained stock levels, so that they could react fast to any customer requirement.

Automation a ‘Nice to have’ or a ‘Must have’?


“We wanted a system that could grow in technology and size as the company grew, as well as allowing stock consolidation into one area of the site making bit management much more manageable – Kardex and its Shuttle XP technology was the ideal partnership to achieve this.” Peter Hood, former project engineer at Godwin Pumps, now part of Xylen Inc.

With smaller levels of investment these types of solutions will fit your pocket, whether you need 1, 20 or 100 systems. From small parts up to large manufacturing products, Kardex has a solution to suit all, so whatever you do or wherever you start it will make your business significantly more efficient.


Kardex solutions are based on 3 basic principles:


1. Increase Space utilisation

2. Improve picking productivity 

3. Raise access accuracy 


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