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Ergonomic storage and retrieval of heavy machinery parts

Ergonomic storage and retrieval of heavy machinery parts

The Italian company Viemme is a manufacturer of precision parts. Quality, service, and competitive ability are all of key importance to the company. This requires smooth production processes, which is why Viemme invested in a new storage and retrieval solution from Kardex Remstar. It has allowed Viemme to save space, better protect goods, increase efficiency, and improve working conditions.

Viemme was established in 1984 and is now one of Italy’s leading manufacturers of high-precision parts. Its corporate philosophy is typified by the keywords quality, service, commitment, diversity, and flexibility. They are terms that reflect fundamental customer requirements in a precision industry that is continuously evolving.

The heavy parts needed for the manufacturing process are made of stainless steel and other materials (copper, iron, aluminum, etc.) and are stored in plastic bins. In the past these bins were stored on static shelves, exposing them to dust and corrosion and leading to unnecessary rejects. Furthermore, it was difficult to monitor the parts and their storage spaces. Employees walked long distances along the static shelving to pick the items and they had to lift the heavy parts off the shelves by themselves. It was an activity that exposed them to a higher risk of injury.

In order to rectify these deficiencies and generally increase process efficiency, Kardex Remstar recommended a new kind of storage and retrieval solution which is especially suitable for storing and retrieving heavy parts – the Shuttle XP 1000 automated vertical lift system with integrated crane and tray extraction device. In combination with the tray extraction device, the crane ensures that even loads weighing more than 20 kilograms can be effortlessly lifted. As such, the storage system guarantees ergonomic working conditions and relieves the strain on employees. The storage unit’s enclosed structure ensures that the goods are perfectly protected from dust and dirt, significantly reducing the reject rate.

Finally, the system also makes it possible to completely monitor stock levels and storage spaces. Storage capacity has increased by 30 percent and daily throughput by 400 percent thanks to the new solution.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Storage capacity increased by 30 percent
  • Daily throughput raised by 400 percent
  • Inventory and storage spaces fully monitored
  • Goods reliably protected from dust and dirt
  • Safe and ergonomic retrieval of parts directly at the workstation
  • Integrated crane and tray extraction device relieve the strain on employees


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