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Faster order picking with Horizontal Carousels

French jewelry retailer Maty picks orders with Kardex Remstar

Thanks to the introduction of an automated storage and retrieval system with Horizontal Carousel storage facilities from Kardex Remstar, French jewelry retailer Maty has been able to boost its order fulfillment at its logistics center by 50 percent. The staff uses the assistance of an integrated pick-by-vision system.

French jewelry retailer Matypicks orders with Kardex Remstar

Currently the multichannel company operates 40 boutiques in France and an online mail-order shop with a broad range of jewelry products. Its headquarters in Besançon also houses the new logistics center with 100 employees.


For a long time the jewelry items were picked manually from the storage facility and forwarded to Shipping. For this reason the logistics staff often reached the limit of its capacity, especially during peak demand periods. To increase speed and efficiency, procedures were automated in 2014. The automated intralogistics system is equally advantageous to boutiques and customers alike, who now get the necklaces, earrings, and watches they have ordered faster.


The centerpiece of the system is a software-controlled pick-and-place robot which retrieves pieces of jewelry and the matching cases fully automatically for further order picking. Robots and staff work with the aid of automated storage equipment with integrated pick-by-vision systems from Kardex Remstar, which at the same time help to considerably boost the speed and precision of goods retrieval. Compared to manual order picking, the output of ready-to-ship packages could be increased by 50 percent in this way.


The picked goods are temporarily stored in ten horizontal carousel storage systems from Kardex Remstar, where they are kept for the further shipping process in a total of 44,000 storage spaces. 


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