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FastPic5 Order Processing Software

Improves Productivity, Efficiency & Throughput in Storage & Retrieval Applications

FastPic5® Order Processing (OP) software from FastPic Systems can significantly reduce inventory and improve employee productivity and system throughput in  storage and retrieval operations.

Order processing with FastPic5 OP software offers advanced order processing capabilities that improve system efficiency and order picking accuracy. Operators can pick single orders or batch pick orders for added efficiency. Batch picking can be fixed, where specific groups of stored items are pre-determined, or dynamic, where the software determines batch composition based on order date, due date or priority.

FastPic5 OP software also generates a full range of order reports including open, completed and back orders for supervisory control. Batch put and count order operations to improve productivity are also supported by the software.

Features include document management, parts photo library, bar code scanning, graphical bin and shelf configuration, and host integration, including the capability to be seamlessly integrated with SAP systems.

FastPic Systems, a company of the Kardex AG of Zurich, Switzerland Group, is a leading developer of software for automated storage and retrieval system operation. This group is a manufacturer and integrator of a broad range of AS/RS technologies including vertical lift modules (VLMs), vertical and horizontal carousels. For more information on FastPic5 Order Processing software, call 207-854-8663 or visit the FastPic Systems web site at


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