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Installing a fully automated high-bay warehouse and a small parts warehouse - High-bay warehouse and shuttle system from a single source

Having been manufactured in the German town of Neuenstadt am Kocher, the storage and retrieval system is transported on an articulated lorry to the Austrian town of Dornbirn.

Neuenstadt/Dornbirn – Graf Elektronik GmbH has commissioned Kardex Mlog with the construction of a fully automated high-bay warehouse and a fully automated small parts warehouse in its existing buildings in the Austrian town of Dornbirn. All Kardex companies are involved in implementing the project.















For many decades, Graf Eletronik GmbH has been a successful full-service partner for electronic developments and electronic engineering. The central warehouse and manufacturing plant are based in Dornbirn in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg.  The buildings in which the project is being implemented are used for storing semi-finished parts and end products.


Kardex Mlog is currently building a single aisle high-bay warehouse with 1,316 pallet storage locations and a single aisle small parts warehouse with 1,962 storage locations at the Dornbirn site. Alongside the racking steelwork, the scope of supply in Dornbirn includes the storage and retrieval system, the conveying equipment and the warehouse management system with material flow control.


Kardex Mlog is currently installing a MSingle A-1000/17-ZT storage and retrieval system in the high-bay warehouse, while the recently developed lightweight yet highly dynamic MDynamic-100/9-ZT is being implemented in the small parts warehouse. Kardex Stow and Kardex Remstar are responsible for the entire racking steelwork together with the extension and modernisation of the existing shuttle system.


Order volumes amount is 820,000 Euros. Started in May 2011, the project will be completed on January 20th, 2012.

About Graf:
For over 30 years the Graf group has provided all-round services in the electrical and electronics industry. With two sites and over 200 employees, it is one of the regional market leaders in many areas.
The company’s core competences include typical services from electrical installations, mechani-cal engineering, electrical systems and control system manufacturing to advanced technology in the areas of development and production of electronic components. The Elmar Graf group includes Elmar Graf GmbH, Graf Elektronik GmbH, EGD Installations GmbH, Graf GET GmbH, Kurzemann GmbH, Graf Holding GmbH and Graf Swiss GmbH.


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