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Integrating Kardex Remstar Unlocks New Potential In Auto Industry

Logistics has always been a key area of the automotive industry. However, the focus is now increasingly shifting toward intralogistics and Kardex Remstar has the solution.

 To build truck axles, assembly workers need various parts such as drive shafts, bevel gears, differential cases, bearings and gear wheels delivered to the production line with precision and on time. The search for the right parts not only involves a great deal of time and effort for the employees, but process reliability, quality control and documentation can also suffer as a result. Kardex Remstar dynamic storage and retrieval systems can help keep parts organized in a controlled environment and available with the push of a button.

The Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module consists of two columns of trays holding items. An automatic inserter/extractor device between the columns stores and retrieves a tray when required by an operator. The Megamat RS Vertical Carousel is a series of shelves or drawers rotating up or down via the shortest path to automatically deliver stored goods.

These dynamic storage solutions operate on the "goods to person" principle, the parts are brought directly to the employee at the push of a button. This eliminates walk and search time throughout the warehouse, thus increasing productivity. Integrated with Power Pick Global Inventory Management Software also helps keep product organized in the right storage location. With controlled access to the unit, the push of a button delivers the right part to the right user. Restricting users access to specific parts eliminates the risk of putting the wrong parts into the wrong hands.

"Over the coming years, car manufacturers will benefit most from investing in intralogistics processes which will make their systems more flexible and efficient", according to supply chain expert Knut Alicke, Mckinsey & Company. Thus, companies would have to make investments in keeping with the motto "flexibility despite automation," because in order to be able to react to fluctuating demand and increasing product diversity, manufacturers should opt for semi-automated, flexible solutions instead of high-tech automation solutions.

"Companies in the automotive industry will also feel the effects of the much-cited demographic change in future. Consequently, the need to integrate robots into logistics and work processes will rise," predicts Holger Seidel, head of the logistics and factory systems business area at the Fraunhofer IFF in Magdeburg. He also sees robotic assistants playing an increasingly more important role. Accordingly, there will be a growing need for technologies that facilitate safe cooperation between humans and robots - in other words, innovations and developments which allow people and robots to work together safely without the need for protective fences. In this regard, the focus remains on so-called low-complexity automation.

Integrating Kardex Remstar dynamic storage systems into production line will save space in the warehouse, creating room for more value added activities. In addition, with inventory available at the push of a button, productivity can increase by up to 2/3. This helps get the right products to the production line, quickly and on time.

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