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Kardex Mlog extends nobilia high-bay warehouse

The fully automated worktop warehouse in Plant 2 of kitchen manufacturer nobilia at the Verl-Kaunitz site: The 24 metres high storage and retrieval machines, fitted with special suction grippers for picking single worktops, and the conveyor technology are supplied by Kardex Mlog. Kardex Mlog has also recently been commissioned by nobilia to extend the high-bay warehouse by a third aisle.

Neuenstadt/Verl – Kardex Mlog is extending the fully automated high-bay warehouse in Plant 2 of kitchen manufacturer nobilia by a third aisle with its own storage and retrieval machine and associated steel racking construction. In the course of the project, the existing control systems and the warehouse management control system will be refurbished. At the same time Kardex Mlog is supplying the conveyor system to interconnect the new production facilities in the adjacent plant 1.

nobilia Werke J. Stickling Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany’s largest manufacturer of fitted kitchens, operates a worktop warehouse at the Verl-Kaunitz site with two 24 m high storage and retrieval machines and a conveyor system supplied by Kardex Mlog.
The picking of individual panels takes place directly on the storage and retrieval machine with the aid of suction grippers. This principle, which is tried and tested in the furniture industry, is not only gentle on the surface but also allows the stack of worktops to be stored three deep.

This will therefore be used in the new third aisle, which will have a capacity of 684 storage locations for stacks of worktops after its commissioning in June 2012. Thus the total capacity will increase to more than 2,000 storage locations for worktops or half-sized panels.

Kardex Mlog is constructing the racking as a free-standing cantilever rack. The twin-mast 24 metres high MTwin storage and retrieval machine will be equipped with two telescopic/lifting platforms and its own drives and suction grippers. This even allows worktops up to 5.6 metres long to be gently picked up one by one from the back stack, even when this is two or three deep. The intelligent drives are frequency controlled and ensure a jerk-free dynamic handling performance. In the course of the expansion control systems, the customer’s warehouse management system and the MVisu visualisation system will be adapted to the modified requirements, or in some cases replaced by more efficient components. 

At the same time as the third aisle in Plant 2 is being constructed, the conveyor system connecting the new production facilities in Plant 1 will be extended. The expansion is taking place in three construction stages to ensure trouble-free operation and to avoid affecting operations. The scope of delivery includes conveyor systems for the existing nobilia system boxes, pallets and mesh stillages. Several picking stations will be integrated into the conveyor system. All conveying units of the three construction stages will be fitted with a new common S7 controller along with MVisu system visualisation. The conveyor system will be connected to the existing electric monorail system.

The project will start in spring 2012 and completion is planned for the end of 2012.


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