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Kardex Remstar Offers Drive-in Supermarkets Flexible Picking Solutions

Order food online and quickly pick it up on the way home. Designed for drive-in supermarkets, Kardex Remstar has developed a storage and picking solution that is boosting the digital food business.

In some countries, ordering food online is a common occurrence. In France, for instance, more than 2,000 drive-in supermarkets already sell their food online. England is following suit, while other European countries and the USA are not far behind. The principle of the drive-in is simple: Goods are ordered online and then picked up by car from a preselected location.

Intralogistics are the key to success
One of the main success factors associated with the online food business is the series of processes. "Flexible picking processes are needed in order to remain profitable over the long term. That is why the shop4you picking solution offers a mix of automated, semi-automated, and static shelf storage zones," says Makrem Kadachi, Manager System Solutions at Kardex Remstar. Several dozen drive-ins in France already rely on the efficient shop4you solution from Kardex Remstar.

It's all about the mix
The warehouse of a drive-in supermarket is generally made up of dry, fresh and deep-frozen storage zones. Goods are usually picked with the help of order boxes, which are transported from one zone to the next by means of either a conveyor belt or cart. The storage units used - Megamat RS Vertical Carousel or Horiztonal Carousel can be equipped with temperature controls. Combined with traditional shelving racks this mix makes shop4you more flexible and thus more efficient than a pure shelving solution. As a result, picking performance can be increased by around 30 percent.

Software-controlled order processing
Kardex Remstar's own warehouse management system Power Pick Global (PPG) can be used to control the processes at a drive-in supermarket. As soon as PPG has received the order from the customer's ERP, it is distributed across various storage zones. In the automated zones, the food is transported to the access opening in line with the "goods-to-person" principle. Once there, it is retrieved by the employee, acknowledged by a bar code scanner and placed into the order boxes. Power Pick Global also facilitates batch picking and multi-user picking to speed up order processing. Batch picking involves bundling several orders together into one batch and processing them at the same time. With multi-user picking, every employee is assigned a certain color so that several employees can work in one zone simultaneously.

Kardex Remstar helps speed picking processes in the grocery warehouse. Allowing for orders to be placed online and picked up curbside by the customer increases customer satisfaction with convenience and ease.

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